Investment strategy


NIIF Master Fund seeks to pursue a strategy of establishing sector-specific operating companies to aggregate assets across core infrastructure sectors including transportation and energy. NIIF Master Fund will invest in businesses which are mature with long-term track record, often operating in regulated environments or under concession or long-term agreements and which are expected to provide predictable inflation-hedged and stable cash flows.

To implement its strategy, NIIF will create and own operating companies in partnership with market leading and like-minded financial investors and/ or strategic partners. NIIF will be highly selective in partnership selection to ensure the partner is value additive and complementary.

NIIF aims to work with its partners to evolve the operating companies into market leading sector champions by laying strong focus on continued value creation, best-in- class management teams, operational expertise and prudent financial approach. NIIF is committed to participate in/develop projects which follow best practices on environmental, social and governance aspects. ESG diligence would be an integral part of the investment process.


NIIF Fund of Funds seeks to partner with Indian fund managers to enable them to raise India dedicated funds across sectoral strategies, across product strategies (equity, mezzanine, debt) and across investment styles (early stage, growth, control). The fund will partner with fund managers who have strong pedigree, experience of investing in India over a relatively long period, a sound investment strategy with a competent team, robust processes and high level of adherence to environmental, social and governance aspects.

The Fund focus will be to originate investment strategies and identify potential financial partners as well as fund managers to execute the identified investment strategy. The Fund will closely work with fund managers to streamline investment strategy, facilitate fund raise and provide inputs on investment management.