We are a professional fund manager, anchored by the Government of India along with participation from institutional investors such as ADIA and leading Indian private financial institutions. We are a collaborative investment platform focused on Indian infrastructure with best-in-class governance and a strong team with Indian and international experience in infrastructure investing.

NIIFL through its funds will invest in operating assets, greenfield projects and anchor third party managed funds in core infrastructure and related segments. With USD 3 billion commitment from GOI along with commitments from other institutional investors, NIIF has the ability to operate at scale whilst providing long term and patient capital. It intends to be a key channel of investment into Indian infrastructure with a focus on transportation (roads, ports and airports), energy, urban planning and other infrastructure and allied segments.

We currently manage three different funds that have distinct investment strategies. Each of the funds provide us with the ability to aggregate operating infrastructure assets, support development of infrastructure projects and businesses, and invest into funds that allow us to gain exposure into a wide range of sectors and strategies. We facilitate all of this through experienced fund management teams that have a strong track record in delivering investor value

With a competent management team that has a mix of domestic and international experience in infrastructure investing, funds management and operations, we have developed strong capabilities to execute the investment strategies of the funds we manage.

We have a long term investment horizon and our investment philosophy is guided by the following objectives:

  • Commercial
  • Collaborative
  • Sustainable Development

Our close engagement with the government and policy makers enables us to provide a uniquely informed perspective to government agencies as they plan public-private programs which will benefit the infrastructure sectors in India.

At the same time, our independent decision-making processes ensure that our operations are conducted with the highest standards of governance to benefit all stakeholders.

Over time, we seek to become one of the main channels of investment into Indian infrastructure. We aim to develop lasting partnerships and provide smart investment and financing solutions to our various stakeholders
We believe that economic prosperity has to be delivered in a sustainable manner that benefits the larger community that we are a part of. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have an impact on the community as a whole. We at NIIF are committed to following a best-in-class ESG policy that not only follows national legal requirements but also considers various best practices followed globally.