Our people are the foundation to our success. We believe in transparency, diversity and an ethical approach with zero tolerance to corruption.

Our culture is characterised by integrity and accountability, strong leadership and empowerment and openness in operations and decision-making.

Recruitment is on a highly selective basis to ensure competence as well as continuity of the firm’s culture.

We have a team of more than 30 members across investments, fund raising and operations, and are based in Mumbai and Delhi.

Our team comprises professionals with collective infrastructure and investment experience of 100+ years in India and across the globe.




Executive Director – Investments


Chief Operating Officer

Prasad Gadkari

Head – Investment Strategy & Policy

Vinod Giri

Head – Direct Investments

Anand Unnikrishnan

Head – Fund of Funds Investments

Saurabh Suneja

Principal – Investment Strategy & Policy

Karthikeyan M

Vice President – Investments

Nitin Singh

Vice-President – Investments

Pawan Agarwalla

Vice President – Investments

Ankit Soni

Associate – Investments

Puneet Rustagi

Associate – Investments

Sheetal Chaudhary

Associate – Investments

Sona Mutha

Associate – Investments


Sumit Kedia

Associate – Investments

Devesh Kapadia

Analyst – Investments

Ria Joneja

Analyst – Investments

Saumya Bisaria

Analyst – Investments

Saloni Jhaveri

Head – Investor Relations

Abhijit Roy

Vice President – Investor Relations


Ayushi Pande

Associate – Investor Relations


Saurabh Jain

chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ashok Emani

Principal – ESG



Company Secretary

Ritika Khanna

Vice President – Human Resources

Subhasree Sen

Vice President – Legal

Manpreet Singh

Assistant Manager – Finance