We currently manage three funds with distinctive investment mandates. Our funds are registered as Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and are currently raising capital from domestic and international institutional investors.

Our investment team comprises experts in project evaluation, financial structuring and domain experts who have full autonomy over selection of investments and finalizing the investment terms of the funds. The team uses market-based selection criteria for appraising the robustness of investment proposals.

In line with our commitment to sustainable development, our investee funds, companies and projects are required to follow our framework on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which is based on international best practices. We conduct due diligence on the ESG risks arising out of a potential investment opportunity and continue to monitor and mitigate ESG risks post our investment.
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The Master Fund is an infrastructure fund primarily investing in operating assets in core infrastructure sectors such as roads, ports, airports, power etc. The Master Fund invests in mature businesses with long-term track record, often operating in regulated environments or under concession or long-term agreements. These businesses are expected to provide predictable inflation-hedged and stable cash flows.

The Master Fund is likely to follow a strategy of establishing sector-specific operating companies, in partnership with market leading and like-minded financial and strategic partners with complementary capabilities, and aggregate assets to build a strong diversified portfolio.

We work with our partners to evolve the operating companies into market leading sector champions by laying strong focus on continued value creation, best-in-class management teams, operational expertise and prudent financial approach.

The Fund of Funds (FoF) invests through India-focused equity fund managers who have a strong track record of managing investments successfully.

With the ability to invest in funds as anchor investors, we expect to enable fund managers to attract further institutional investors for their funds. Our focus is to invest through third party fund managers that raise discretionary funds.

Our Fund of Funds has a focus on social infrastructure sectors services such as healthcare, education, digital as well as financial services, logistics and consumer services.

We select fund managers based on their pedigree and track record (institutional and investment team) over a relatively long period, focus on risk management and compliance (including ESG risks) and their investment strategy.

We are open to anchor funds with new investment strategies, provided the fund managers have a successful track record from their previous strategies. We can support our fund managers in their capital raising effort as well as adopting best-in-class processes in their funds.

The Strategic Opportunities Fund (SOF) is aimed at investing in growth and development stage investments in companies and sectors that are strategically important to the Indian economy and are likely to benefit from India’s growth trajectory over the medium to long term. The sectors of initial focus are financial services, food & agriculture, healthcare, education among others.

We aim to invest in businesses through an incubation or acquisition strategy, in sectors which have the ability to scale, by offering them long term patient capital, thereby taking these businesses over a period of time to achieving market leadership positions. We proactively work with business groups and management teams towards achieving their commercial objectives, on the back of a strong governance mechanism framework and best business practices.